domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

To all my friends

Special People are people who we:

Just worry about
Wish to be happy
Want to be next to
Don´t mind givin´ a hand
Remember good moments
Forgive bad ones and try hard to forget them
Like to celebrate with
Feel happy just by receiving:
A phone call,
A letter,
A postcard,
A kiss,
A hug,
A smile,
A text message,
A simple note,
Or anything else that makes you know
That you´re special to someone
As much as this person is to you

That´s why I wrote this
Because sometimes I feel as if
I´d like to be with thousands of people
But routine turns it hard
And time even harder.

That doesn´t mean though
That I forgot how special you are to me
How much I like you
That I´m always thinking of you
That you can always rely on me
Even when we seem to be far apart
Because we haven´t seen or talked to each other lately

That all happens because
Good friends are always good friends
No matter what happens.
Memories of good moments,
Important acts and sweet words,
Can´t ever be taken away by time from our minds.

To all my friends!

Love always,

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